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Recently I’ve been assessing WooCommerce sites based in California as part of a new client outreach effort. Through this process and its first 100 subjects I’ve discovered more data on where people host their WooCommerce sites, what errors are showing up (SSL, JS/console, ADA, state compliance), performance metrics, who they use for hosting/registrations/email, what all plugins they use, and which theme they selected.

I’m compiling this data into something more useful. For the time being, here’s the data on theme usage.

I prefer using the default Storefront theme because it’s built and maintained by the developers of WooCommerce, is tested by the official extension makers, updates frequently, and is free and fully GPL compliant. Plus, I’ve got tons of experience making it look like whatever each client wants using CSS and well written highly efficient code snippets.

While Storefront is my go-to solution; most sites I’m discovering use themes that fit their specific niche or their developer’s preferences. I’d also say that since many of the sites I’m coming across are out of date, the same goes for some of the development practices employed back when some of the subject sites were built.

If you look at 100 WooCommerce sites, you’ll observe 81 different themes.

Here’s the most popular themes I’m finding:

Honorable mentions:

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