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Client testimonials

Fixed my botched store migration

My WooCommerce migration did not go well and business nearly fell in half. Thankfully a good friend of mine found Sean. He cleaned-up our site, cut the number of plugins in half, fixed SSL, 404, and email credibility troubles, improved design templates and PageSpeed score 10x. After only six months, not only have we gained back all of our lost business, we’ve had our best revenue month ever!


Gretchen S.
Best Chinese Medicines
Lake Kiowa, TX

Open-source migration completed

My colleague hired Sean by referral of our previous developer. Sean migrated our online storefront from Big Commerce into WooCommerce. Then he replaced our theme from an older custom coded one to a modern builder framework that empowers staff. He’s also been supporting our eCommerce operations and integrations with various partners.


Jack H.
Westlake Village, CA

Faster, bigger, better automated

After working with an earlier developer I found myself with a slow and difficult to navigate website. Sean worked hard wrangling WooCommerce for my rentals business. While WooCommerce Subscriptions took some getting used to, I can say a year on that it’s been helping out by automating renewals and opening-up business channels via multiple product terms. My site is quite fast now without us having to change the original theme and hosting plan. Sean provides stellar technical support and has been working within budget by prioritizing tasks very well.


Ilona Z.
Well Roomed
Chicago, IL

Redesign project redone right

I had a website redesign project take nearly a year and go poorly. The new site was nice looking, but it was incredibly slow, had too much fluff, was confusing search engines, and was a maintenance beast with a dozen third-party Elementor add-ons. Good thing my hosting service recommended Sean. He did some initial clean-ups then re-cut the site using the new Block technologies in fast fashion and imported new inventories as well. It’s now lightning fast, easy to navigate, supports accounts and quotations morphing into orders, and has a better search system for our 1,000-plus products and variations. A website is never done, but I’m confident that we’re cooking with real oil now!


Michael L.
Shirley, NY

Running smoothly years on

We met Sean at a WooCommerce Meetup he presented at. He helped us get away from our giant custom coded theme and added features for us to keep up with operational changes and growth. Sean has served us for years now. His work ages remarkably well.


Alex D.
Heather Taylor Home
Westwood, CA

Consolidated several sites

We had four separate websites (main, blog, shop, members) that all needed updating. Luckily we found Sean and in no time got them all consolidated into one powerful business website custom tailored to our needs. We look forward to continuing to add new features and streamlining operations with Sean’s expert help.


Kyle W.
VDI Laboratory
Simi Valley, CA

WooCommerce Blocks really perform

I had Sean build this smaller promotional site using the new open-source Block Theme, Block Mini Cart, Block Cart, and Block Checkout released out of beta this Summer. We published the site a bit early to test the performance with the full caching of the hosting service. Amazingly we had orders rolling in before we were done building and had to scramble to hook up the email and fulfillment services to satisfy the unadvertised traffic! Sean has stellar PageSpeed techniques especially using the new WooCommerce Blocks.


Gretchen S.
Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs
Lake Kiowa, TX


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Subscriptions site repaired

Our WooCommerce site was in dire straits running 88 plugins and things breaking or disappearing altogether. A recovery plan bombed in multiple ways, especially concerning subscriptions. Thankfully Sean quickly restored us to a stable database and core plugin set – a quarter of what we were running. From there we’ve been rebuilding and improving the site components piece by piece with new designs and the latest full-site-editing features. We recommend Sean for any business critical WooCommerce project.

Maia J.Gimme the Good Stuff • Lancaster, PA

Custom fitment engine

Our previous website was outdated and had problems with mobile responsiveness and current standards. We hired Sean to build a cost effective WooCommerce site to showcase our fifteen hundred products with tens of thousands of variations that pull from our custom inventory system. We implemented a new design and marketing tools for searching, packaging products and displaying order bumps. We’ve been pleased with the results and the continued support from Sean. We recommend him for projects like ours.

Peter H.Get Your Wheels • Santa Fe Springs, CA

Launched new storefront

Our favorite website management company NerdPress recommended Sean for an eCommerce launch. He helped us launch a second website for our online store and also performed some upgrades and tweaks to our main website. We’ve had a great experience getting things done and expanding our online sales significantly.

Saba K.The Mediterranean Dish • Atlanta, GA

Hosting overages fixed

We came to Sean when our hosting bill was running up and site performance was not good. Sean helped us reduce our plugin count by nearly half, performed several rounds of upgrades, and has been available for ongoing technical support. We’re happy to see progress being made as business continues to grow.

Jon K.Dog is Good • Los Alamitos, CA

Project back on track

We had endless problems with a previous developer. We’re so happy to have found Sean. We got our WooCommerce store finished properly and it has been running smoothly for years now with minimal maintenance. He is always quick to answer any questions which arise with great patience and easy to understand explanations.

Rebecca O.Jinny Beyer Studio • Great Falls, VA

Expanded into eCommerce

My previous website developer recommended Sean to help me convert my gallery’s website into an eCommerce storefront that I own. Within reasonable cost we were able to get the job done while maintaining specific design requirements.

Joanna W.Kneeland Co. • West Adams, CA

Cleaned and improved

Our WooCommerce site was underperforming despite using premium hosting. Sean helped us figure out which plugins were wasting resources or producing errors. He cleaned-up our database and got object caching functional. He has also been helping us with various technical support items as they come up. We’re really pleased with Sean’s WooCommerce expertise!

Ben N.Borrego Outfitters • Borrego Springs, CA

Upgrades and improvements

We had a long list of updates for our consumer and dealer facing online stores. Sean helped us get through our lists within a month, which included migrating hosts, clearing out old files and plugins, modifying our invoices, and adding a custom payment method. The changes will definitely help us streamline our processes and reduce costs. We’re thankful for Sean’s expertise and look forward to working together in the future.

Christine H.1010music • Sherman Oaks, CA

Accountability restored

My old WordPress theme company went out of business. Sean was referred by an earlier developer and helped me upgrade my site and convert it to use a new theme while improving the design a bit. Things have been running smoothly and I’m thrilled to have competent technical support at the ready. His work is excellent and he is great and easy to work with.

Fredericke G.IQ Beauty • Park La Brea, CA

Fake orders no more!

I was having concerns about my WooCommerce store getting fake orders and plugins appearing out of date. On the recommendation of my website developer I hired Sean to check on things. In no time at all he brought our plugin count down by ten, which I previously thought was all clean. Plus I was unaware of several abandoned plugins. He found about a dozen areas of cleanup that I never knew existed. Now I really do have room for growth! Sean is definitely the person to come in and breathe new life into your long running WooCommerce site.

Cindy W.Our Journey Westward • Paris, KY