Expert WooCommerce Developer

Freelancer based in Los Angeles, California

Existing WooCommerce Site Evaluation

It all starts here! Get your plugins, theme, database, and hosting evaluated for performance, security, compatibility, and causes of any problems you state. A report will follow containing recommendations and line item estimates.

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Migrate Into WooCommerce

We'll help you migrate from an outdated or expensive proprietary platform over to the latest, fully-featured open-source community software. We put low-cost yet powerful modules and a thin custom layer to work for you.

High Performance WooCommerce Design

Build your mobile responsive store using our select tools. Need help? We can cut your design from PSD file, from an existing site, or design anew. Custom features? We'll customize the functionality so it works the way you need it to.

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WooCommerce Software Upgrades and Repairs

We upgrade your site to the latest core, theme, plugins and the fastest PHP v7.3. We fix code problems while preserving your site's features and design.

WooCommerce Theme and Plugin Development

Use our competitive hourly rate and California based developer for your custom plugin or child theme project and get it done right the first time. Hours are purchased in advance in 5-hour increments and are usable for 6 months.

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WooCommerce Training

We offer virtual training courses to get you up to speed on eCommerce plus any requested topics. We're also available for onsite bookings in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County metro areas.