Conversion rate optimization guide

I highly recommend the article Quick Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for WooCommerce* from the Official WooCommerce Blog*. It was written by Marina Pape on April 19, 2018.

Key takeaways for improving your conversions:

  • Understanding the three stages of online customer interaction: discovery, choosing, and purchasing
  • Measuring funnel progress with Google Analytics
  • Common conversion optimizations:
    • Making landing pages
    • Simplifying your checkout page
    • Adding call-to-action buttons
  • Product choosing / selection optimizations:
    • Improving navigation / search
    • Layout customization and enrichment
    • Testimonials / social proof
    • Promotions
  • Checkout page optimizations:
    • Making buying easier and quicker
    • Incentivizing the purchase
    • Catching lost conversions (abandoned carts)

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