Subscriptions show recurring totals on PIP invoices

Appends the WooCommerce Subscriptions recurring total onto all WooCommerce PIP (Print Invoice and Packing list) plugin documents.

add_action( 'wc_pip_after_body', function( $type, $action, $document, $order ) {

	// Require Woo Subscriptions
	if( ! function_exists( 'wcs_order_contains_subscription' ) ) {

	// Require Subscription Order (Parent Or Renewal)
	if( ! wcs_order_contains_subscription( $order, [ 'parent', 'renewal' ] ) ) {

	// Get Subscription Record
	$subscriptions = wcs_get_subscriptions_for_order( $order->get_id() );
	if( ! $subscriptions ) {

	// Get Recurring Total
	foreach( $subscriptions as $subscription_id => $subscription ) {

		// Skip One Time Subscriptions
		if( $subscription->is_one_payment() ) { continue; }

		// Get Subscription Details
		$renewal_total += $subscription->get_total();
		$renewal_date = $subscription->get_date( 'next_payment' );
		if( ! $renewal_total || ! $renewal_date ) {

		// Print
				<p>Renewal is scheduled to charge %s on %s.</p>
			'Recurring Total',
			wc_price( $renewal_total ),
			date( 'm/d/Y', strtotime( $renewal_date ) )


}, 10, 4 );

Instructions for Subscriptions show recurring totals on PIP invoices

  1. Log into a staging or locally hosted clone of your site.
  2. Install and activate Code Snippets plugin.
  3. WP Admin > Snippets > Add New
  4. Copy and paste the code from the section above.
  5. Check to ensure formatting came over properly.
  6. Customize the code as desired.
  7. Add a meaningful title.
  8. Select whether to run on front-end or back-end (or both).
  9. Click “Save and Activate”.
  10. Test your site to ensure it works.
  11. Disable if any problems, or recover.
  12. Repeat for live environment.

Need help modifying Subscriptions show recurring totals on PIP invoices?

Contact me. I can help with fitting projects or refer to my partner.


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