The rise of WooCommerce

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WooCommerce* is the most popular eCommerce platform on the planet, powering over 30% of online stores. If you choose Woo, you’ll be in good company!

Related to that success, it’s also the most flexible, customizable and the most affordable option. It’s not quite the simplest or easiest option, but it’s not overly complex either. Begin with the core system on a well supported theme like Storefront, using the well documented official extensions or bundles* to meet your primary functional needs.

WooCommerce is Flexible, Extendable, and Open-Source.

It’s not just for the smaller shops. Some enterprise benefits of open-source eCommerce:

  • Content editing is industry leading, empowering more staff to publish and update
  • Integrations are well supported with payment systems, analytics and marketing tools, customer management CRM, warehousing, accounting services and ERP
  • Avoids vendor lock-in by opening up to a World of qualified and eager developers
  • Documentation and transparency are industry leading, including legal concerns such as GDPR

Whether you sell real products, digital downloads, subscriptions, content, even your time, sell it all on WooCommerce to the destination(s) and using the payment gateways you choose.

There’s no better way to test out your eCommerce ideas than with this free open source eCommerce solution. The large ecosystem of developers working with WooCommerce helps the user community of small to large businesses make the most of their technology – democratizing publishing and empowering all users. Customize user roles and capabilities with a plugin like User Role Editor. Choose from 300+ free and paid extensions, plus the tens of thousands of plugins for WordPress.

As a developer, I appreciate the WordPress architecture that powers WooCommerce – with its simple yet powerful hook and filtering system and thorough, transparent documentation. Open source licensing allows you to sell and transfer your configurations, data and code at any time.

Disclosure: I have launched many WooCommerce powered sites, and I use affiliate links to make commissions for folks purchasing paid extensions. Please support me!

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