Meetings. Please use Contractor’s online calendar to book meetings. Appointments are open mid-days Pacific time zone as available with one business day notice. Meetings are billable project management time.

Estimates. All estimates are rough and can be wildly off as we do custom work with various phases, changes, and external components.

Payments. All work is metered hourly at the current rate. Payments are upfront. A positive balance is required for service. Hours expire in one year. Discounted monthly subscriptions end after one year.

Refunds. Unused hours not within a subscription may be refunded minus a 3% credit card fee as applicable. Subscriptions are nonrefundable.

Discovery. Contractor begins all projects with a discovery phase. During this phase Contractor evaluates Client’s website requirements and existing website, if applicable. Contractor formulates tasks (1) to bring the website up to supportable standards, and (2) provide solutions to the findings along with estimations.

Scheduling. Contractor schedules development work once sufficient hours are paid on account. Contractor’s schedule follows a concurrency to keep busy while remaining available to support Clients’ needs on demand, maxing at 10 hours per project per week.

Agile. Contractor uses an agile approach to projects – working in shorter phases, continually managing shifting priorities, and releasing progress whenever possible.

Urgency. Contractor does not accept any rush work, deadlines, or pressures to deviate from usual process. Desperate situations (actively losing money, reputation, or data) are managed as best we can.

Delays. If Client does not respond to inquiries within 30 days their project becomes suspended as we move on to other work. Resumption may require lead time.

Materials. Client will sign up and pay for to all premium plugins agreed. This usually consists of WooCommerce official add-ons for advanced features. With sites from an earlier developer this may include Client’s theme or other components.

Credits. Contractor lists projects in good standing inside the Client Portal to share with others and prefers to place a built-with link in the site footer crediting WooCommerce.

Confidentiality. Contractor and Client will treat all data and communications not generally known in the industry as confidential information and will protect it.

Intellectual property. Contractor adheres to WordPress open-source GPLv2 licensing. Any further code and website assets are licensed to Client without exclusivity except where clearly defined in separate Copyright Assignment Agreement.

Term. Agreement is in effect until the completion of the services or a cancellation is requested.

Limited liability. Contractor cannot be held responsible for any form of damages. Any claim, cause or action arising in connection with this agreement shall not exceed $2,500.

Resolution. Contractor and Client agree to indemnify each other, hold each other harmless, and agree to binding arbitration by a mutually accepted arbitrator meeting virtually.



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    [email protected]
    Coded Commerce, LLC
    (818) 835-5960
    7137 Shoup Ave Unit 34
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