WooCommerce developer hourly rate

Following is research conducted in December 2022:

Bonsai US West Coast, senior, 90th percentileN/A$170.00
CodeMentor North America, senior, 90th percentileN/A$150.10
WooExperts West Coast, 90th percentile excluding the lowest tierN/A$190.00
WPSessions Rate Calculator sheet inputting 2022 statsN/A$169.18
Comparably Los Angeles salary, bell curve 90th percentile$121,500$165.31
Salary.com Los Angeles median salary + bonus$161,461$219.67
Talent.com salary for California$132,500$180.27
Third-party salary research on TopTal, 90th percentile$125,500$170.75
ZipRecruiter USA salary 90th percentile$126,500$172.11

I compute hourly rate from annual salaries by factoring in the following:

  • 49 work weeks (3 weeks of vacation and sick time)
  • Five working days per week
  • One third of work time being billable with the rest going to:
    • administrative work
    • continued learning
    • in-between project gaps
    • sales and marketing