Published as a Codeable Expert

I’m pleased to announce that my application and onboarding process with Codeable has completed. I invite folks to check out my links with them:

Here’s how my direct services compare to working with me on Codeable:

Sean working directSean working in Codeable
Projects that fit my skillsetsVetted developer community, global
Unused hours are refundable, pro-ratedMoney-back guarantee, excluding platform fee
Pacific time business hours24×7 customer support resource
Hourly rate $125 for consulting, development and project management time, plus service plansProject based pricing average of developer estimates plus a project management fee
Referrals to my direct partnersReferrals to Codeable’s partners
No warranty due to custom work28-day bug fixing warranty
Selecting your freelancer service. Email me for further assistance.

Codeable has long been a trusted partner of WooCommerce and many more WordPress ecosystem partners. Their platform matches site owners (businesses) with top-tier WordPress developer talent and provides best practice project estimate and task management, 24×7 customer support, and a money-back guarantee. Please refer to their current policies for details on how they work.

Thanks for checking this out and I look forward to working either directly or on Codeable, whichever is the best fit for each relationship.