Presentation: Database cleanup, pruning cruft and optimizing WooCommerce sites

I’m presenting on the topic Database Cleanup at two events coming up. Everyone’s invited!

The first venue will be WordPress Santa Clarita Valley Meetup the evening of Tuesday Sep 15th 7:00pm over Zoom. The second venue will be taking place mid October and will be announced soon…

Database cleanup is one of the more common services I provide to eCommerce website owners. It’s something all WordPress webmasters should know a bit about to improve and maintain cleanliness of their websites. In my presentations I’ll cover the range of easy to more in-depth tools and methodologies.

Next Tuesday night’s Meetup presentation will focus on WooCommerce powered online stores. Next month’s presentation will include a live demonstration from a locally hosted website.

These presentations will include:

  • What’s in a website database
  • Goals and benefits for database cleanup
  • Useful plugins to measure and perform cleanup actions
  • Running useful queries from my earlier article on database cleanup
  • Server and hosting recommendations for performance and scale
  • Questions and Answers

I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you do MORE with your WooCommerce powered online stores!