eCommerce profits with cross-selling

Shopping collage with lots of pink products like shoes, sunglasses, purse, brush, a hat and a phone

I highly recommend the article Maximize Your eCommerce Profits with Cross-Selling* from the Official WooCommerce Blog*. It was written by Stephen Roe on August 9, 2018.

Key takeaways for maximizing revenue from cross-selling:

  • Cross-selling has been known to increase revenue up to 35%!
  • Cross-selling pitches products in addition to what the customer is already interested in.
  • Up-selling suggests a more expensive version or greater quantity of the same product.
  • Cross-selling type related products have similar appear to the consumer.
  • Cross-selling type complementary products go directly with the primary product.
  • Cross-selling type services (ex: warranty plan) can be the most profitable.
  • Cross-selling type bundles are groups of products that are included together.
  • Be relevant and closely related to what the customer is looking to buy.
  • Sell something custom-designed to work with the primary product.
  • Use persuasion techniques to deliver a compelling offer that drives sales.
  • Choose products that fit the customer as best as possible.
  • Don’t overwhelm people with too many recommendations.
  • Highlight the benefit whenever possible.
  • Provide evidence that customers are buying these products.
  • Place larger accessories that cost 15-50% of the main item on the product page, and leave smaller items at 10% or below for checkout page.

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