Emailing secure messages

Man sitting at laptop with security icons and code overlaying the view

How many times have you received a text with a password, an encrypted spreadsheet file and a separate email containing the password (sitting in the same mailbox!), or an unprotected Google Sheet?

There’s better solutions! Here’s some worth taking a look at:

  • One Time Secret has been around since 2012 with open-source transparency, lets you set a password and pick the time to shred.
  • is stylish, integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, offers read receipts with a free account, shreds upon receipt.
  • is Japan based, lets you pick the time to shred, you must email the secure link manually.
  • One Time shreds upon receipt, you must email the secure link manually.
  • LastPass is a professional password manager with a useful Notes feature. It requires a free account on both sides and the free account level limits you to either desktop/website or mobile App access exclusively.

For heavier security have a look at asymmetric cryptography (like PGP) Apps or integrations with your specific email service.