Thank you for your interest in working with me 🙂

Nearly all of my business comes from referrals. I’m currently seeking affiliates who have positive influence with my client base: small business online store owners and managers grossing between $10k and $250k monthly using either Shopify or WooCommerce (45% of the eCommerce platform market).

Services and pricing

I provide monitoring, maintenance, support, and development services. See my pricing page for details.

I charge in service plan terms and prepaid hourly development budgets, a kind of “base plus” model. A service plan is not required in order to purchase development hours.

Service plans are paid in advance for 4-12 months. The small plan is annual, medium plan is twice a year, and the big plan is three times a year. The terms have affordability in mind. There is a tendency with high quality work for clients’ needs to taper down over time; The work is beneficial. Every client is unique!

I compete with other freelancer developers and bigger website marketing agencies. Here’s how I would differentiate my services to theirs:

  • The client gets to work with me directly. I do not subcontract, outsource, or have any staff.
  • I use the best practice built-in builder tools for design, content management, and settings, not bloated third-party components, though in preexisting cases I can support those tools.
  • I’m about simplicity over complexity, spending more effort cleaning up old code than writing new code, removing Apps over adding them, reducing maintenance burdens and customization risks. The code I write is intended to be a thin layer of portable customization.
  • I’ve never been pushy on sales. Of course I do have to ask for the sale, but I don’t apply pressure or bug people more than a single follow-up. I’ll know they are serious and ready when I see their order arrive!
  • I offer free ballpark estimates during free introduction calls or in a follow-up email. I offer raw unpadded estimates with a paid project planning / discovery phase. Estimates are based on tasks, which are based on line item solutions, which are part of a written project plan that takes time to put together.
  • I don’t use recurring subscriptions. Sales are easier as a one time decision, though it does require asking for renewals when the time comes.
  • I keep clear of fixed pricing. Most freelancer services answer the demand from customers to provide X at Y fixed cost. This makes assumptions about X in order to lock-in Y and close a deal. That almost always results in a poor outcome. Businesses are unique and fluid, so is their website.
  • I work within budget by billing in smaller, more agile chunks of time (sprints) with quick delivery / monetization and the openness to continually re-prioritize. That’s results-driven work!
  • I provide daily monitoring and peer comparisons of PageSpeed Insights with a service plan or during development cycles so we have real measurements. Data is available on the My account page.
  • I use Trello boards to organize findings, approved tasks, assignments, timelines, status, and history. It’s a simple and visual approach to project management. Some of my clients use it directly.
  • I log development time using my own online software. Burn charts and downloadable time logs are available on the My account page.

Commissions & Tracking

I offer 10% commissions, ongoing for continued relationships. For example; If an affiliate works to maintain a positive client relationship and takes charge of the renewal process then I’m happy to keep paying them commissions for ongoing efforts as they apply. Where possible let’s collaborate and be in regular communication matching the service plan or development project cadence.


Finally; please let me know if you have any questions. I communicate by appointment, email, Slack, Skype, or voicemail. See the footer below for contact information. You may book time on my online calendar for our regular check-ins and for free 30-minute project introduction calls.

Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to collaborating with you 🙂