WooCommerce Site Evaluation

Is your site slow?

Do you have updates available, but fear proceeding?

Is something not working or not working well?

Are you preparing for growth?

Hire us to evaluate your store. Order a WooCommerce Site Evaluation today and get answers to your questions!

This inexpensive review takes only a few business days. We apply our deep understanding and expertise of WooCommerce to your use cases. When complete, we will have a solid understanding of your site and will provide you with our insights on the way your site was constructed and any current or potential issues we detect.

Here’s what you get with a WooCommerce Site Evaluation:

  • Kickoff call about your current setup and your business goals.
  • Our comprehensive review of your site’s setup.
  • Our recommendations to fix current and potential issues.
  • Call to go over our report to make sure you fully understand our findings and recommendations.

Plus,  we’ll be familiar with your site, so we’re ready to start providing any needed development and support services to follow.

Let’s schedule your WooCommerce Site Evaluation right away!

WooCommerce Support

Let us handle site upgrades, additions, and monitoring. We offer ongoing WooCommerce support for store owners that want piece of mind that their site is consistently updated and that everything is working properly. With us handling site maintenance, you can focus on running your business!

Professional WooCommerce Support

We love taking care of the technical aspects of running a WooCommerce site – so store owners can focus on what they do best.

Our WooCommerce Support Plan covers all you will need to grow including automated backups, software upgrades, uptime monitoring, performance optimization and troubleshooting. It also includes developer hours based on what remains within the monthly billing cycle.

Included in the WooCommerce Support Plan:

  • Review of current site
    When you sign up for our WooCommerce support plan, we will review your current site and provide our recommendations and action plan.
  • Backup and monitoring
    We will verify that you have an automated offsite backup of your site’s files and database, as well as monitoring for downtime.

Example Tasks for any remaining developer hours:

  • Software updates
    We will create a staging area and a software update process for your plugins and theme. This will ensure that when new versions of plugins are released or when a feature is added, the code will be properly vetted before being released live.
  • Plugin installations and configurations
    Installing and configuring new plugins on your site.
  • New development
    Implement functionality or customizations for your store based on your design and specifications.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Looking to hire an expert WooCommerce Developer?

We have built many custom plugins for WooCommerce. We adhere to WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards. The code we deliver is the highest quality available.

Whether you need a shop, product, checkout page enhancement, custom functionality, or integration with your company’s software – check out our Hourly Development Packages

Commercial Plugin Development

Have an idea for a commercial plugin you’d like to have built? We contract with clients to develop plugins for their clients, their own commercial sales, or for community release on the repository. We will make sure the project gets done right.

If you need the best eCommerce developer to work on your project – see current rates and let’s get started!

WooCommerce projects we have demonstrated success with:

  • eCommerce data import / export and integrations
    We can help you get your data into and out of WooCommerce. We can help you synchronize your order, customer, and product catalog with external systems.
  • Checkout customizations
    We can customize the WooCommerce checkout process to work differently, the way your store needs it to.
  • Payment gateway development
    Our payment gateways are built with WooCommerce coding standards and can include compatibility with extensions such as subscriptions, refunds, post purchase up-sells.
  • Shipping and fulfillment
    If you are using a third party fulfillment service and need to sync order data and shipping tracking information – we can help!