Monthly Subscription, Ten Hours, Single Site


Subscribe for site support, regular site maintenance, careful upgrading of plugins by a developer who knows your site, or other development work that fits within 10 hours of service during the 30-day billing cycle.

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Let us handle site upgrades, additions, and monitoring.

We offer ongoing WooCommerce support for store owners that want piece of mind that their site is consistently updated and that everything is working properly.

With us handling site maintenance, you can focus on running your business!

Professional WooCommerce Support

We love taking care of the technical aspects of running a WooCommerce site – so store owners can focus on what they do best.

Our WooCommerce Support Plan covers all you will need to grow including automated backups, software upgrades, uptime monitoring, performance optimization and troubleshooting.

It also includes developer hours based on what remains within the monthly billing cycle.

Our Process

  • Review of current site. We will review your current site and provide you with an action plan.
  • Backup and monitoring. We will verify that you have an automated offsite backup of your site’s files and database, as well as monitoring for downtime.
  • Example tasks for any remaining hours:
  • Software updates. We will create a staging area and a software update process for your plugins and theme.
  • Plugin installations and configurations. Installing and configuring new plugins on your site.
  • New development. Implement functionality or customizations for your store based on your design.

Terms & Conditions

  • Each subscription purchase is for one site plus its development and staging versions.
  • Purchased hours expire 30 days from the purchase date.
  • Subject to scheduling and availability.
  • All sales are final. Refunds are not accepted for any subscription type services.
  • Work will stop as soon as funds are used up and will resume if further hours are purchased.
  • All time used on a project is billable, whether on a call, developing, researching, testing, fixing, releasing, etc.
  • Time itemizations following a daily log can be provided weekly upon request.
  • A General Service Agreement must be signed by both parties before work can begin.
  • No warranty is provided.
  • WordPress Admininistrator account or a copy of the site files and data may be required.
  • All of this site’s Terms and Conditions apply to your purchase.