WooCommerce Site Evaluation & Load Testing


Get your site evaluated and optionally load tested. Examining your plugins, theme, database, and hosting infrastructure.



Inexpensive & Fast Site Evaluation

This inexpensive review takes only a few business days. We apply our deep understanding and expertise of WooCommerce to your particular use cases.

When complete, we will have a solid understanding of your site and will provide you with our insights on the way your site was constructed and any current issues we detect or concerns we may have.

Add-on: WooCommerce Development Environment

If selected, we can also create a secured temporary development environment and conduct some application performance analysis.

Discover if you have a plugin or two that is hogging up resources. Includes further database evaluation.

All payment gateways, subscriptions, integrations and emails are put into sandbox mode to prevent production environment interference.

Add-on: WooCommerce Load Testing

If selected, in addition to the development environment, we can also perform basic load testing to gain further insights into your traffic handling.

Load testing is performed on an internal development environment with test mode configurations using the ReST API as well as synthetically using headless Chromium browser virtual user sessions.

If needed, we may create additional product or order records using WooCommerce Smooth Generator.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each purchase is for one site plus its development and staging versions.
  • WordPress Admin account must be provided, otherwise a copy of the site files and data and order of Development Environment is required so I can access your system for analysis.
  • Subject to scheduling and availability within 45 days of purchase.
  • Subject to acceptance of mutual nondisclosure / confidentiality agreement.
  • Development environment is for this use or near term engagement use only and will be deleted 90 days after completion, or earlier upon request.
  • Development environment is limited to a site size of 200,000 orders, 2,000 products and variations, 50,000 customers/users, 200 pages, 10 custom post types. Larger sites will have to be truncated in development environment.
  • Integrations such as warehouse and accounting services do not offer a readily available sandbox mode, therefore must be disabled and are exempt from development environment assessment.
  • Does not include any production environment modifications, as separate scope of work and contracts are needed.
  • Does not include further consulting time beyond the allotted hours, base 4 hours, development environment 3 hours, and load testing 4 hours. Recommendations and a proposal for additional work may result.
  • Load testing is limited to 10 minutes ramping from 1 to 10 virtual users per second (~3,000 total scenarios).
  • Load testing does not process emails, payments nor any remote services.

Additional information

Service Level

Base: Analysis of one existing site or dev site, Add-on: One Development Environment, Add-on: One Development Environment with Basic Load Testing