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Commercial Plugin Development

Have an idea for a commercial plugin you’d like to have built? We contract with clients to develop plugins for their clients, their own commercial sales, or for community release on the WordPress.org repository.

We will make sure the project gets done right.

We have built many custom plugins for WooCommerce.

We adhere to WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards. The code we deliver is the highest quality available.

Hourly Development can be for a shop, product, checkout page enhancement, custom functionality, or integration with your company’s software.

Example Development Projects

  • eCommerce data import / export and integrations. We can help you get your data into and out of WooCommerce and synchronize your orders, customers, products with external systems.
  • Checkout customizations. We can customize the checkout process to work the way your store needs it to.
  • Payment gateway development. Our payment gateways are built with WooCommerce coding standards and can include compatibility with extensions such as subscriptions, refunds, etc.
  • Shipping and fulfillment. If you need to sync order data and shipping tracking information with a third party service.

If you need a top eCommerce developer to work on your project – let’s get started!

Terms & Conditions

  • Purchased hours expire nine months from the purchase date.
  • Subject to scheduling and availability within 15 days of requests.
  • Refund requests are accepted for hours not worked and at the discretion of Coded Commerce, LLC.
  • Work will stop as soon as funds are used up and will resume if further hours are purchased.
  • All time used on a project is billable, whether on a call, developing, researching, testing, fixing, releasing, etc.
  • Time itemizations following a daily log can be provided upon request.
  • A General Service Agreement must be signed by both parties before work can begin.
  • No warranty is provided, but we typically fix easily reproducible major bugs on credit to keep projects alive.
  • WordPress Admin account or a copy of the site files and data may be required.
  • Development environment is for this use or near term engagement use only and will be deleted 90 days after completion of projects, or earlier upon request.
  • Development environment is limited to a site size of 500,000 orders, 2,000 products and variations, 50,000 customers/users, 200 pages, 10 custom post types. Larger sites will have to be truncated in development environment.
  • Integrations such as warehouse and accounting services do not offer a readily available sandbox mode, therefore must be disabled and are exempt from development environment assessment.
  • All of this site’s Terms and Conditions apply to your purchase.