Our Process

Step 1: Free Consultation

Book an appointment. We hold a FREE 45-min conference call using Zoom.

Video and screen sharing are optional.

Step 2: Agreement & Onboarding

We’ll send you our Services Agreement coming from HelloSign that protects your confidential information and defines all of the usual legal terms.

Purchase a 5-hour package so we can begin your site evaluation and project planning work. Order directly on our WooCommerce site so that we have your account all set-up.

We accept:

Log into your account to download invoices and to maintain your contact information as anything changes.

You will receive Wednesday morning status emails detailing time usage until your project hits 45 days of inactivity.

Step 3: Site Evaluation & Project Planning

We’ll work together to plan out your project. We begin by setting-up a development copy of your site.

Provide us with our own WordPress Administrator account. We’ll install a plugin that makes a copy of your site.

Using your site’s clone we run upgrades, tests, examine your configurations, theme, plugins, and diagnose problems.

We will provide you with a project proposal document with estimated hours for each item and a total budget range.

We will also begin a Trello board where we track the progress of each request and clients can subscribe to email updates.

Log into your account to monitor time logs as they are entered onto your order.

Step 4: Project Acceptance

We let clients drive the timeline and budget by purchasing hours as they are comfortable proceeding from milestone-to-milestone in a more dynamic and efficient agile approach to project management.

We remain open to adding, removing, or changing things as we work together through the phases or sprints.

There’s no fancy change orders or disputes about what was included or what’s covered under warranty. We cut that “agency dance” out of the process by working strictly hourly. It saves costs, nerves, and delivers better quality outcomes.

Many agencies will quote low hourly rates but hide costs (developer padding, project management fees, maintenance fees). We opt to keep things simple, transparent and flexible.

We recommend the default theme Storefront to be as “official” as possible and customize it with well vetted plugins, hand-coded custom design CSS, and custom PHP logic in a thin layer that won’t break as software upgrades.

Step 5: Project Execution

We’ll perform the work within a secure development environment that you have access to. Bigger projects will have both Dev and Staging environments. That allows us to do more experimental work on the Dev environment while the more stable Staging environment can be examined concurrently as we progress.

We’ll meet whenever you like to go over progress as we proceed through the project plan.

This step varies between 5-25 hours and may involve several cycles depending on your project.

We typically do not exceed 12 hours per project per week.

Custom PHP code sits in the Code Snippets interface with titles, descriptions, tags and a search system. Power users can go in to toggle features and even make minor code modifications if so inclined.

We give clients and their developers the lever to pop the hood and see how polished the engine components are!

Step 6: Launch

When your development site is looking good and all parties agree on a time to release the changes to production we’ll put your site into temporary maintenance mode and perform the installation of all development site updates onto production. This typically takes 1-2 hours.

Step 7: Support

eCommerce sites need monitoring, maintenance and support. We fill in any gaps between what your hosting service provides, your theme and plugin vendors provide, and what you are internally managing.

We typically enable automatic software updates so your site stays current behind the scenes.

We’re available by appointment whenever you need us – often same day service!

Book an appointment.

Step 8: Recycle!

Please take a few moments to leave us a review on Google or UpCity.

Now that we’ve worked together, ask about our affiliate program so we can help another small organizations struggling with their eCommerce while at the same time rewarding you with a commission!