WooCommerce Plugin Development

Most of the customization of WooCommerce is achieved with your design and content, WooCommerce settings, and your usage of the official WooCommerce extensions*. Beyond that, you may find yourself in search of a more unique or custom solution. After all, customizability is a huge selling point of WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform. Custom functionality belongs … Continue reading WooCommerce Plugin Development

Speeding-up WooCommerce Sites

Performance is a priority for all website administrators these days. Particularly with content management systems (CMS), web admins tend to employ a wealth of powerful theme frameworks (ex: page builders) and functional plugins on top of their base design and content. These in combination offer amazing features, but can pile up and take a toll … Continue reading Speeding-up WooCommerce Sites

Understanding Automation for eCommerce Stores

I highly recommend the article Understanding Automation for eCommerce Stores* from the Official WooCommerce Blog*. It was written by Beka Rice on February 6, 2018. Key takeaways for automating your store: Automation do's and don'ts Importing products and inventories Capturing abandoned carts Amazon Fulfillment / drop shipping Self shipping labels Post purchase techniques --- Contact Sean

The Official Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

While the WordPress.org open source project by Automattic has always been easy to host and install, the WordPress.com hosting service by Automattic* has come a very long way and could be considered the best option for hosting your WordPress sites. WordPress.com represents the largest WordPress hosting service that exists and offers a wide range of … Continue reading The Official Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

WordPress Design Hierarchy

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about Plugin Strategy to maximize the power of the core WordPress system by closely connecting functional customizations to core APIs. I'd also like to share that WordPress core - and by extension WooCommerce - cleanly optimizes design output in a very maintainable hierarchy. The components to this design … Continue reading WordPress Design Hierarchy