Hello. My name is Sean Conklin. I have been a full-stack PHP web developer since 2002. I operated an earlier consulting business, beAutomated, until 2013. My current specialties have been in WordPress powered sites since 2011 and WooCommerce powered shops since early 2017.

Tech is all about relationships – bringing together best-of-breed providers to suit the needs of your organization. All tech vendors have their specialty, though all are subject to capability limitations, contract matters like scope creep, finger pointing, etc. It’s key to employ the best fitting tools and vendors for your needs, keeping as thin a layer of customization as possible to streamline operations, while keeping pace with the latest from the tech community. A quality solution must lead in security, interoperability, performance, and features.

Businesses compete by offering competitive pricing, innovative products or services, and excellent quality or value. Non-profit organizations serve unique missions. Technology should empower all the stakeholders and reflect your organization’s unique value proposition.

Here’s some of my affiliations:

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