Car battery being installed by a gloved technician

Case Study: Pep Boys Automotive

December 30, 2019

I had a pleasant eCommerce experience earlier in the month and thought it’s worthy of sharing. This was not WooCommerce specific, but it makes the case for investment in eCommerce solutions. This workflow could easily be built using the open-source WooCommerce framework. I had been noticing my 7-year old KIA being increasingly sluggish to start. […]

Race track photo showing gridlines and counting down 11 to 1

PHP 7.4 is here and performing well

December 9, 2019

WordPress hosting companies are notoriously behind in upgrading PHP – the web service that processes a website’s data and logical code into HTML output. The cost of this delay is enormous in terms of website maintenance and performance. The jump from PHP v5 to v7 was a big one that required software updates and often […]

View of store shelves packed with products and clerk int he foreground checking labels

WooCommerce Store Manager

December 3, 2019

I’ve long held a belief that clients themselves (or their staff or VAs) should be empowered to manage content and that they naturally wish to do it themselves. Consider a Store Manager.